About Us

The Firm is committed to providing clear, practical, cost-effective and commercial advice. We offer a client driven, personal service and we value their individual needs, goals and businesses. Our staffs with their experience and different talents strive for excellence in the form of quality, commitment, integrity and BEST PRACTICE.

Our aim is to resolve our clients’ legal problems, reduce their risks, and ensure direct and speedy delivery of our services in a way, which exceeds their expectations at a sensible cost. We constantly strives to provide our clients with top-notch legal advice and services. We will try to find the most innovative solution to our client’s legal problems by listening to the client’s need, take reasonable time to learn about client’s business needs and understand the clients’ business environment.

We continually upgrade our know-how and skills by attending relevant seminars on areas of law and practice, risk management and business.

We operate a strict accounting system headed by a qualified accountant and former auditor whilst using specialized legal practice software to ensure Client’s funds are in safe custody and with accountability to our clients.

Our value-added services include links to and consultation with government bodies, accountants, tax planners, trade associations, legal firms and other appropriate contacts LOCAL AND FOREIGN.



The firm proffers various services for a wide area of the Malaysian Law & Legal Practices including but not limited to;-

  1. Conveyancing
  • Generally covers all transactions involving lands/properties, general agreements, banking and financing, Islamic and conventional loans.
  1. Litigation
  • This including civil litigation i.e banking and general disputes, Corporate and Criminal litigation
  1. Family Law
  • Syariah Matters
  • Estate Administration
  1. Corporate
  • This including transfer of companies, prepare the documents for buying and selling shares, doing due diligent and more.
  1. Marketing services