Encik Khairul Asri Bin Ahmad


Encik Khairul Asri Bin Ahmad is a LL.B (Hons) holder graduated from International Islamic University Malaysia, Gombak, Selangor.

On July 2015, Encik Khairul Asri completed his nine months pupillage under guidance one of the prominent conveyancing lawyer in Johor Bahru, Mr Tam Cheng Yau and called to the Bar on 30th September 2015. He was one of the attachment student of Mr Adi Radlan bin Abdul Rahman and has exposure in corporate litigation, civil litigation and banking litigation.

His first practice as an associate starts at Messrs Suriani & Partner which focusing on Conveyancing niche. After only three months service as an associate, due to his dynamism and energy, he was appointed as a Junior Partner by the firm. After six months of practice, he ventured Muhd Anuwar & Partners at his young age.

Despite being active with legal volunteerism work and a regular athlete representing the Johore Bar, Encik Khairul Asri has great exposure to approach any legal conundrum based on his various experience in legal practice.