In an increasingly litigious society, we appreciate the requirement for professional speedy and budget conscious solutions.

Our Litigation is well equipped with:-

  • Know-how of the law and procedures
  • Excellent familiarity with the court process and system
  • Comprehensive services
  • Far-sighted strategies including practical solutions

We act:-

  • Promptly with constructive feedback
  • Cost effectively
  • Without fear or favour and in our client’s best interests

We have the infrastructure to expedite proceedings:-

  • Information technology – case study and case management
  • Efficient filing, tracking and follow up system

We value add:-

  • Assessment of viability of legal proceedings
  • Verify accuracy of particulars
  • Conduct visual searches
  • Inquiries on debtor’s business, work, residence
  • Render second opinions and strategies
  • Offer practical and commercially viable alternatives to expedite the conclusion of legal disputes

Where specialization is required, we work and appear with experienced legal counsels.

Offensive & Defensive actions, enforcement of court orders, Injunctions & other proceedings

  • General debt collection- whereby involved foreclosure, bankruptcy, winding up and other executions for both consumers and commercial loans-Housing loan, personal financing, hire purchase etc.
  • Breach of contract/contractual issues
  • Sale of goods
  • Building and construction disputes
  • Consumer claims
  • Property litigation
  • Securities
  • Tort/negligence
  • Insurance
  • Landlord and tenant
  • Divorce, separation
  • Conversion of monies
  • Eviction proceedings – tenants, occupants, squatters, trespassers
  • Land matters including disputes on ownerships, caveat removal
  • Land acquisition
  • Liquidation/receivership and insolvency
  • Voluntary winding up of companies
  • Schemes of arrangements
  • Company reconstructions and other corporate exercises requiring the approval of the Courts.
  • Patents, copyright, trademark or other intellectual property infringement, Passing off
  • Criminal litigation for customs, assault, theft offences and others on a case by case basis